Kaulon’s dragons

Casa del Drago, Kaulon-1

Dragons are one of the symbols of Kaulon, a splendid city founded in the 8th century BC in the historical region of Magna Grecia (currently part of the municipality of Monasterace, in the province of Reggio Calabria, and also known as Caulonia).

The legendary animals are represented in two wonderful mosaics here: one is a polychrome masterpiece dating back to the 4th century BC – making it the oldest mosaic in Calabria, as well as one of its greatest mosaics from the Hellenistic Period. It was discovered in 2012 in one of the rare Greek thermal buildings found in Southern Italy. It is part of a larger work, which measures twenty-five square meters and represents the dragon with other animals and floral decorations.

The other dragon mosaic is smaller and predominantly blue: it decorated the door to one of the rooms of a luxurious home known as “House of the Dragon” – of course!

Here they are in a selection of images.

Photos via:
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June 13, 2018

Kaulon’s dragons

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