Italy’s motorcycle racing circuits

Circuiti motociclistici italiani, poster - Italian motorcycle circuits

Cremona circuit, 1923

Here is a series of illustrations from the first half of the 1900s, dedicated to the most important motorcycle racing circuits in Italy.

These are the curves where champions raced to victory, the “home” where they truly lived their life.

The great Giacomo Agostini (15-time world champion – a record no one has surpassed yet) once explained in an interview:

“My mother and father wanted me to go to school, but I never really planned on doing that. I only had motorcycles and racing on my mind, and there could be nothing else. That is why when someone asks what I would have done if I had not started racing, my answer is I don’t know. I could see nothing else than motorcycles.”

November 7, 2016