Italy’s clear, sweet fresh mineral water

Acque minerali d'Italia

Italy’s Clear, sweet fresh water, to say it with Petrarch, has inspired famous poets as well as illustrators from the 19th and 20th centuries, who created poster bills and postcards advertising the country’s mineral water bottling companies.

One late-1800s book (Guido Jervis’s “Guida alle acque minerali d’Italia”, Turin 1876) reads: “Of all the gifts God gave man, in His superior knowledge and divine love, water and air are the most important, and probably the only ones that cannot be replaced with anything else.”

Jervis continues, “Mineral water’s therapeutic value could not escape Antiquity’s wisest men, who were entrusted with leading the destiny of nations still living under the simplest of customs”.

Amongst these old sages, we must mention Thales, who according to Aristotle claimed Water is the source from which all things originate.

May 9, 2017