Italian chairs by Augusto Bozzi

Augusto Bozzi, sedie e poltrone Saporiti - chairs and armchairs

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Augusto Bozzi (1924-1982) indissolubly tied his name to the Saporiti brand when he started designing chairs and armchairs for the Lombard company in the late 1940s.

Founder Sergio Saporiti knew he wanted to work with architects and designers who could create products merging simplicity and innovative materials, at the forefront of interior decor trends. Bozzi, with Alberto Rosselli and Giorgio Raimondi, turned his avant-garde ideas into reality.

Among the most famous of Bozzi’s chairs, the 1957 Ariston was one of the most imitated. But a decade earlier, his Major chair had already introduced an element of Italian refinement and elegance in a field that until then had been mostly influenced by Scandinavian style.

Here is a selection of Bozzi’s best.

January 26, 2016