Illusion and harmony in Villa Arvedi

Villa Arvedi, Grezzana (Verona)

Inside Villa Arvedi, located in Grezzana, there is a beautiful Room of the Titans with frescoes by Ludovico Dorigny, who between 1717 and 1720 added a series of mythological figures within a pre-existing, complex painted framework, attributed almost certainly to Bologna-born Francesco Bibiena, master of trompe-l’œil and forced perspective.

The combined result is an example of perfect harmony and symbiosis between illusionistic frame and figurative parts, inside one of the largest villas in the province of Verona, Veneto.

Villa Arvedi – formerly known as Villa Allegri – was designed in the second half of the 1600s by Verona-born architect Giovanni Battista Bianchi (1631-1687). It was built in place of a previous 13th-century aristocratic house, which had been owned by the Scala and Del Verme families.

In front of this masterpiece, a splendid Italian garden completes the structure’s formal balance with baroque geometries.

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February 9, 2017

Illusion and harmony in Villa Arvedi

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