Goethe’s surprise, and the Garden of Biodiversity in Padua’s Botanical Gardens

Padova, Orto Botanico, Giardino delle Biodiversità - Padua Botanical Garden, Garden of Biodiversity

In 2014, a new section of Padua’s Botanical Gardens was inaugurated: the futuristic Garden of Biodiversity, now home to 1,300 vegetable species.

Plants here are arranged according to their natural geographic distribution, in low-impact buildings that are divided by biome and recreate the specific types of climate existing around the world. Visitors can take a stroll from tropical forest to savannah, from the Mediterranean to the desert – and learn so much about the environment’s precious variety.

This all allows us to share, after over two centuries, the same experience Goethe had when, in September 1786, he first visited Padua’s Botanical Gardens”: To wander about among vegetation which is new to one is pleasant and instructive. It is the same with other familiar objects; in the end we cease to think about them at all. But what is seeing without thinking?

In our personal “Italian Journey”, this is a stop we cannot miss.

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May 14, 2015

Goethe’s surprise, and the Garden of Biodiversity in Padua’s Botanical Gardens

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