Gobino. The exotic taste of perfect chocolate

In Piedmontese dialect, “L’uma sempre fait parej” simply means, “This is how we’ve always done it”.

It’s a perfect motto for Guido Gobino chocolate, which incorporates centuries of tradition and constant research to create a product that is authentic and contemporary at the same time.

The Gianduiotto Artisanal Laboratory project revolves around extrusion, a technique that allows for chocolates to be made without molds; this makes each piece unique, whether it’s a classic Giandujotto, Giandujottino Tourinot or Tourinot Maximo.

Here you’ll find the “Best praline in the world” and “Golden Chocolate Bar”, achieved in a relentless strive for excellence. An excellence that has taken Gobino chocolate all the way to space thanks to the “Chocolate 5.5” project, which reminds astronauts of real flavors on Earth and is meant to test the sense of taste in microgravity.

The company has passion, creativity, vision and a love for experimentation; to uphold quality standards, it travels the world in search of the perfect ingredients: IGP Piemonte hazelnuts from Langhe, the best cocoa in the world from Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador, the most aromatic ginger form Thailand, and orange peels from Sicily.

Guido Gobino’s is a story of flavors, pleasure, and all-Italian treats, looking at the world with curiosity, in constant dialog between past and future, between ancient flavors and original, contemporary pairings, and between artisanal know-how and new experiments.

A tasting at Guido Gobino is included in the Taste Academy Travel Experience by Italian Ways.

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March 6, 2018