Gio Ponti’s “La Cornuta”: Cold War, hot coffee

Giò Ponti La Cornuta La Pavoni 1948 macchina per caffè

Gio Ponti designed the famous coffee maker La Cornuta for Pavoni in 1948.

It is a metal sculpture with a sinuous, complex profile: the architect and designer strived to create mechanical devices that could qualify as “hermetic organisms”, able to hide “the strain in [their] work”.

La Cornuta hides within its three volumes (spouts, main unit, casing) the many intricate mechanisms and contraptions usually flaunted by similar professional coffee makers.

1948 was a year of great tensions in Europe and the rest of the world, which was divided into two opposing blocks: the Communists in the East, and the Western countries joining forces with the United States.

Nevertheless, coffee and elegance remained a priority in Italy.

July 30, 2014