Gio Ponti and Lino Sabattini, coworkers and friends

Gio Ponti e Luca Sabattini, argenteria - silverware

From the left: "Horned Mask", "The Hands", "Ex Voto for the Devil", 1978, openwork metal sheet, silver plated metal

In the 1950s, Lino Sabattini (Correggio, 1925) happened to leaf through an issue of “Domus”, the monthly magazine founded and directed by Gio Ponti. The cutlery and tableware master was already a successful product designer, but had his brightest epiphany that day.

During his long professional and artistic career – which continues to this day with the company of the same name he founded in 1964 – Sabattini was able to establish an intense relationship with the Milanese architect, whom he considered his teacher.

The two collaborated on many projects, and became close friends.

Ponti described Sabbatini’s silver masterpieces as “impeccable pieces, made to satisfy my demanding eye and my judgment’s requirements.”

Here are some of the silver works that Ponti designed for Sabattini.

September 14, 2015