Genoa’s Teatro Altrove

Teatro Altrove di Genova

The Teatro Altrove in Genoa – literally, “elsewhere theater” – makes us think of all the places in the Ligurian city where faraway places feel close: the multiethnic crossroads of its ‘caruggi’, the open sea leading to unknown lands, the steep mountains leaning toward distant spaces.

The Teatro Altrove is – or perhaps we should say “moves” – in the old Maddalena district, which for centuries represented the center of Genoa’s powers. A center that was always tied “elsewhere”, stemming from the city’s centuries of travel, discovery and trade.

Located in the 16th-century Palazzo Fattinati-Cambiaso, this wonderful multidisciplinary space offers a program that on top of theater includes cinema and music, with a special focus on artistic experimentation and contamination.

Elsewhere, here.

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August 17, 2016

Genoa’s Teatro Altrove

Piazzetta Cambiaso, 1
+39 010 9753672