Garibaldi’s stay in Palazzo Trecchi

Palazzo Trecchi, Cremona

Giuseppe Garibaldi had an outstanding year in 1862: when in March he entered the 15th-century Palazzo Trecchi, in Cremona, national newspapers reported it was a “real triumph”, with an amazing “crowd in the streets, at windows and skylights”; journalists wrote about “rare – or rather, unique – joy erupting”, “ladies’ handkerchiefs being waved” and an incessant “shower of flowers and wreaths for the general”. Such extraordinary celebration “deeply moved the hero of the people.”

The Neapolitan daily “Il Pungolo”, which we’ve quoted in the previous paragraph, highlighted with emphasis that the beautiful Palace of the Trecchi marquis – built in 1496, renovated in neo-gothic style in the 1800s, and now an elegant multipurpose space for meetings and conferences – had been home to “Charles V, master of Europe. And now to Garibaldi, leader of the people! How far this world has come!”

And how far would the “hero of the two worlds” still have to go. Only months after his success in Cremona, he was wounded by the bersaglieri of the Kingdom of Italy on his way to Rome: his mission to unite all of Italy came to a halt (although allies on paper, the king’s troops had been ordered to slow down the general), and the capital would not be conquered until 1870.

Photos via: ©Davide Giovanni Volpi, ©Kees & Willy van Eykelen, ©David Bramhall, ©Thierry Bignamini

March 14, 2017

Garibaldi’s stay in Palazzo Trecchi

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