Franco Albini and the ideas in his works

Fondazione Franco Albini, Via Telesio, 13, Milano

As an architect and designer, Franco Albini (1905-1977) made it his mission to search for an ideal harmony between the two elements of poetry and functionality.

His goal emerges clearly from all of his works, some of which have made the history of design – like his crystal portable radio, the 1938 Mitragliera lamp, the 1951 Margherita chair, 1953 Cicognino table, 1957 LB7 bookcase, and 1962 Orion Brionvega television set.

The Franco Albini Foundation – established in Milan in 2007 in the space where the designer had opened a studio with Franca Helg – showcases a number of his works as well as original drawings, technical magazines, projects, photographs, slides, letters, books… a priceless heritage for anyone wanting to approach and study this famous Italian designer’s philosophy.

Albini would be happy to be known through the objects he designed: he once said, “it’s through our works rather than through ourselves that we spread our ideas”.

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September 9, 2014

Franco Albini and the ideas in his works

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