Found-again places in the Nera Valley: an open-air itinerary

Thomas Patch, "The Terni Waterfall", 1745

Open-air environments are an inspiration, not only to artists but to all of us: they are ideal to enjoy and fully appreciate the beauty of reality.

That is the central concept at the basis of the Plenaristi project, an itinerary and museum articulated into rediscovered places in the “enchanted valley” of the river Nera.

Created by a team of experts and institutions from the area around Terni and Narni, in southern Umbria, the project includes in its many goals the organization of a complete, virtual archive of works of art painted in the area, and the promotion of a documentary by Franco Passalacqua, “La Valle Incantata” (literally, “The Enchanted Valley”) which tells the story of plein-air painters and their art, with a special focus on works produced in the Nera Valley.

However, the heart of the project is a museum of “en plein air” painting – not enclosed in a single building, but articulated into an itinerary that crosses the valley and follows artists’ individual paths.

Here is a selection of the paintings born along those paths, walked by famous international artists between the 18th and 19th centuries. Follow them in their creative journey, under the sky and immersed in nature.

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February 4, 2016

Found-again places in the Nera Valley: an open-air itinerary