Fornasetti’s quotes at Palazzo Altemps

Citazioni pratiche. Fornasetti a Palazzo Altemps - Practical quotes. Fornasetti at Palazzo Altemps

Rome’s Palazzo Altemps is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its museum opening to the public with an exhibition about Milanese painter, sculptor and designer Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988).

Until May 6th 2018, “Practical quotes. Fornasetti at Palazzo Altemps” will bring 800 creations by the eclectic artist and his son Barnaba to the halls of the historical Renaissance building, a magnificent 15th-century aristocratic residence part of the National Roman Museum circuit, now home to important collections from Antiquity and even precious Egyptian pieces.

It’s a wonderful chance to see the ancient sculptures of Palazzo Altemps side by side with oneiric pieces created by a man author Alberto Arbasino described in his “Ritratti italiani” as being “out of time, like those old Milanese gentlemen that live far from media and fashion, in their intense restraint of extravagant and exquisite dress shirts and vests and velvets, silverware and collections, saffron and truffles, and club life.”

A great adventure in Fornasetti’s fantastic “quotes”.

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January 3, 2018

Fornasetti’s quotes at Palazzo Altemps

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