Flowers and poetry in Pienza

Pienza e i fiori

“Pienza and flowers” is a flower and plant trade fair held every year in the name’s gorgeous Renaissance town in the province of Siena. Pienza was built by Pius II (born Enea Silvio Piccolomini) starting in 1462, near Corsignano – the declining village in the Orcia Valley where the Pope had been born in 1405.

The fair is gearing up for its upcoming 2015 edition, from May 1 to 10: Piazza Pio II and the Papal Palace will be completely invaded by flowers, and by the fragrant poetry that flowers bring.

That is the kind of poetry that attracted Mario Luzi, a Florence native and honorary citizen of Pienza. According to critic Antonio Prete, “as with Leopardi, poetry is a flower in the desert for Luzi. Flowers are the earth, the sense of the earth, the sound of nature, the voice of creatures, and their questions”.

“Pienza and flowers” is a triumph of flowers, in the frame of the elegant, classic, 15th-century architecture of this magnificent Tuscan town.

And we are all invited.

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April 27, 2015

Flowers and poetry in Pienza

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