Flora the goddess at Villa Torrigiani

Villa Torrigiani, Capannori, Lucca

Villa Torrigiani – located in the municipality of Capannori, Lucca – dates back to at least the late 16th century, and features a beautiful Baroque façade created during a renovation in the late 1600s.

What it is most famous for, however, is probably its enclosed garden, completely dedicated to flowers that grow between walls, geometrical hedges, a large fishpond, statues and vases.

The beautiful park is accessed from a magnificent system of Imperial staircases, and known as Garden of Flora. Its southern section hides a splendid nymphaeum – the Grotto of the Winds – with an octagonal pavilion surmounted by a dome, and wrought iron decorations including a statue of the Roman goddess, often represented as a personification of spring during the Renaissance.

Photos via: ©steve_69, ©Only Snatches, ©Matteo Bimonte, ©Michela Mongardi, ©massoni, ©Ylis7

September 25, 2017

Flora the goddess at Villa Torrigiani

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