Filiberto Scarpelli and “Il Giornalino della Domenica”

Filiberto Scarpelli e Il Giornalino della Domenica

no. 22, 1906

Comic strip illustrator Giovanni Mosca once gave a melancholic description of his colleague Filiberto Scarpelli, a satirical journalist and artist from Naples whose work we showcase here through a selection of covers he created for “Il Giornalino della Domenica”:

“A skullcap on his head, a big arched nose, thick nearsightedness lenses, a long neck, a pronounced Adam’s apple, and the famous Lavallière tie, made invisible by the fact that Scarpelli was bundled up in a big gray shawl: the attic was not heated, and it was freezing cold.”

Mosca’s memories – an excerpt from his book, “La signora Teresa” – date back to the time when Scarpelli was director of “Il Cianchettini”, a weekly that launched in 1928 and closed in 1929, produced by a bungled editorial team that worked from the humid attic above a copy shop.

Scarpelli worked for a long time for the humor magazine he founded in 1900, “Il Travaso delle Idee”, as well as for “Il Giornalino della Domenica”, a children’s weekly sold by newsagents’ all over Italy from 1906 to 1927. “Il Giornalino” was directed by Luigi Bertelli, aka “Vamba”, author of the famous “Gian Burrasca”.

In his book “Guardare le figure” (Einaudi, Turin 1972), Antonio Faeti wrote:

“The magazine had some constant features: high quality paper, beautiful full-color covers, a stern but pleasantly clear layout – which make it stand out to this day as one of the most beautiful children’s magazines ever published in Italy.”

November 21, 2016