Experience beauty at Su Gologone Hotel

Su Gologone Experience Hotel – a Oliena

The Su Gologone Experience Hotel in Oliena, Nuoro is an irresistible invitation to visit Sardinia, swim in its clear sea, enjoy penetrating aromas and listen to both the quiet nature and the ancient language spoken by locals.

It is a promise of wonderful days of relax and intense flavors: meat cooked in the fireplace, pasta made by hand made every day by Sardinian women, goat cheese, crisp bread and savory oil.

It is an opportunity to enjoy long moments of rest, surrounded by examples of Sardinian craftsmanship – embroidery, ceramics, wrought iron and carved wood that have been created by skilled hands and are now on display in the Botteghe d’Arte Su Gologone Style, where you might even take a workshop on painting, embroidery, design or ceramics.

Come to this corner of Sardinia to discover all this, and much more.

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July 21, 2017

Experience beauty at Su Gologone Hotel

Loc. Su Gologone, Oliena (Nuoro)
+39 0784 287512 / 287552
+39 0784 287668