Erboristeria Melissa, a remedy for anxiety

Lemon balm is the popular name of a perennial herb called ‘Melissa officinalis’, which produces white-pink flowers and is widely used to treat anxiety. Melissa is also the name of a herbalist’s in the heart of Turin, whose owner Valeria once wished she herself had been named Melissa – a sign, perhaps, that her destiny was meant to intertwine with the ancient art of mixing medicinal plants, aromatic herbs and spices (after all, Valeria also shares the same etymology of ‘Valeriana officinalis’, the herb of health, strength and virtue…).

Setting aside nominative determinism, Erboristeria Melissa is a beautiful shop in the center of Turin, near the Mole Antonelliana. It is a “garden of simples” in which many “remedies” grow: food (with a whole section dedicated to spices, pasta, and rice), culture (with a number of books and magazines visitors can browse, sitting in comfortable armchairs), and even design (Valeria has teamed up with creative studio Libellulart to create some original candy and tea packaging).

A place where anxiety is banned, and beauty can relax.

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December 15, 2013

Erboristeria Melissa, a remedy for anxiety

Via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 4
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