Domenico Piola: celebrating Genoa’s noble lineage

Domenico Piola,

"Abel's sacrifice"

Here is a showcase of sketches – pencil, Indian ink, ink and watercolor on paper, portraying religious and laic subjects – by the great mid-1600s’ painter and engraver Domenico Piola (1627-1703).

In his hometown Genoa, Piola painted with fellow citizen Valerio Castello the frescoes inside the churches of Santa Marta and Santa Maria in Passione.

He also founded a successful business creating great decorative cycles for the patrician palaces of local families. The Ligurian capital’s aristocracy was eager to celebrate the virtues of its lineage, and entrusted Piola with a number of works inspired by myths or mystical and religious themes.

With his baroque style, Piola was the best “poet” to ever sing the praise of the Balbi, Doria, and Spinola families.

November 6, 2014