Depero and “La Rivista illustrata del Popolo d’Italia”

Fortunato Depero, La Rivista illustrata del popolo d'Italia

June 1925

In the 1920s and 1930s, Fortunato Depero created a series of covers for “La Rivista illustrata del Popolo d’Italia” (literally, “the illustrated magazine for the Italian people”), a periodical supplement to daily newspaper “Il Popolo d’Italia”, founded by Benito Mussolini in 1914 (and shut down on July 26th 1943, the day after Fascism was brought down).

The magazine published pieces on a variety of subjects, from literature and art to politics, and showcased beautiful imagery.

It was not the only publication to flaunt a collaboration with Depero, who designed covers and illustrations for “Emporium”, “1919”, “Il Mondo”, “Secolo XX”, “Citrus”, “Scena illustrata” and even some American magazines, such as “Vanity Fair”, “Vogue”, Sparks” and “Movie Makers”.

Photos via: ©Eredi Depero, ©Archivio Depero, ©Casa d’Arte futurista Depero

March 27, 2017