Corrado Mancioli, competitive spirit and art

Hockey and Ice Skating, 1935-1937

Corrado Mancioli was an illustrator from Rome (1904-1958). With his brother Ottorino – whom we wrote about in a couple articles in 2015 and 2016) – he founded a prestigious ad agency in the 1930s.

Mastering the airbrush technique, he created a number of advertisement and cinema billboards, as well as postage stamps.

Lucio Scardino claims Mancioli “was first and foremost a sports theme illustrator. For over thirty years, his sketches focused on highlighting competitive sports […]. In terms of style, Mancioli’s compositions floated from an early interest in Cube-Futurism to a typical early 1900s’ style, finally reaching a tasty, post-war ‘realism’” (translated from “Due ruote, cento manifesti. La bicicletta nei cartelloni pubblicitari della Raccolta Salce”, Treviso, 1985).

Here is a selection of his works.

November 28, 2017