Christo and the Aurelian Walls

In 1974, Christo and Jean-Claude were in Rome. As usual, something was about to be wrapped up.

That year it was the Porta Pinciana (one of the openings in the Aurelian Walls, built around Rome by emperor Aurelian in the end of the 3rd century), between Villa Borghese and Via Veneto, made by emperor Onorio in 403 d.C.

Between February and March of 1974, the couple of artists from the United States – who had gained great fame for their “land art” works when they stretched 400-meters of fabric on the Rocky Mountains in Colorado – covered 259 meters of Rome’s ancient walls with polypropylene panels and ropes for 40 days.

Many local citizens still remember that unique packaging.

December 15, 2013

Christo and the Aurelian Walls