Ceramic beauty by Guido Andlovitz

Guido Andlovitz,  Società Ceramica Italiana di Laveno

Vases for Società Ceramica Italiana in Laveno, ca. 1930

Trieste-born Guido Andlovitz (1900-1971) belonged – with Gio Ponti – to a generation of Italian artists who between the 1920s and 1930s began expressing their creativity through ceramics, taking the chance to customize mass-made products with their style.

With a diploma from Brera’s Fine Arts Academy and a degree in architecture from Milan’s Polytechnic, in 1923 Andlovitz was hired by Società Ceramica Italiana and became its art director in 1927. The company was based in Laveno, Lombardy, and had been founded in 1856 by former Richard employees; it was incorporated into Richard-Ginori over a century later.

Andlovitz worked with Società Ceramica Italiana until the 1960s. Also thanks to a virtuous and positive competition with Gio Ponti, who worked for Richard-Ginori, he created pieces first inspired by French and German models, then by 18th-century Lombard tradition, and finally completely original and innovative designs.

Here is a small selection of his works.

July 29, 2016