Visual Arts


Piedmont in the eyes of ski-loving illustrators

Lana Gatto’s vintage posters

Mitelli, the artist who dreamed of the alphabet

The surreal, fantastic Jacovitti is on show in Aosta


Gucci ArtLab: a celebration of business success and creativity

Touring Club Italiano and Pirelli: crossing paths “on the road”


Venice in billboards

Riccardo Guasco’s illustrations for the “Veni Vidi Bici!” exhibition


Lucio Venna’s cinema and cars


Easter eggs in advertisement illustrations


Galleria Campari, a taste for art in advertising


Carnival dinners in poster ads


Mario Borgoni, a great artist with great humility

Turin, capital city of Italian chocolate

His Majesty the Panettone, in advertisement posters

Cough lozenges in 20th-century advertising

Aleardo Terzi

Aleardo Terzi’s intensity

Mostra Pubblicità, Fondazione Magnani Rocca

When advertisement is the real show: “Pubblicità!”

Franco Mosca’s ladies

The Monza Grand Prix in last century’s poster ads

Dudovich and summer ladies

Sun lotion and posters

Duilio Cambellotti and Greek theater

The Belle Epoque relives in Treviso at the Salce Collection National Museum

Toothpaste and a story by Marcello Marchesi

The elegance of shoe polish

Acque minerali d'Italia

Italy’s clear, sweet fresh mineral water


Palm trees on Sanremo’s luggage labels

Mille Miglia’s anniversaries and posters

Depero and “La Rivista illustrata del Popolo d’Italia”