Modateca Deanna: a historical and technical archive. Style lives here

“The Pure”, salad with a clean conscience

Chapter Hotel: industrial details for New York’s vibe


One hundred years of fine jewelry: Bvlgari’s heritage sparkles in Rome

PiazzadiSpagna9: a refined and multifaceted residence at the heart of Rome

Ethnologica: the Orient showcased in Forlì

Art Nouveau triumphs with an exhibition at the Palace of Venaria


Fortunato Depero. From the futurist dream to the advertising sign. An exhibition in Lucca

PalermoUno: “please touch and take me with you”

Palm Suite: eclectic luxury just a stone’s throw from the Colosseum


Contatto Experience: flavor you can touch


Condominio Monti: as glam as a hotel, as cozy as a home

Scaglietti’s Ferrari 121 LM, a beauty with no victories

Mitelli, the artist who dreamed of the alphabet

The Fiat 1100C Spider Car by Pietro Frua


Turin and Gianduja’s Carnival

In homage to Alessandro Mendini (1931-2019)

Museo-del Design-00

The Design Museum: creativity and excellence by design


A kissing masquerade by Luigi Scattina


The Ape Calessino and Italy’s rebirth

The Sola Busca Tarots: the oldest tarots in the world


Bicycles by Osvaldo Ballerio


Piedmont in the eyes of ski-loving illustrators

Venice’s Museum of Punk – the biggest collection in the world


The Fiat-Stanguellini 1200 Spider America: lost and found again

His Majesty the Panettone, in advertisement posters

Lana Gatto’s vintage posters

Patrizia Fabri and Antica Manifattura Cappelli

Glories of the past in Antonia Sautter’s imaginative world

The surreal, fantastic Jacovitti is on show in Aosta