Italians at the table 1860-1960, a beautiful photography exhibition in Venice

Tano Festa and Michelangelo: a dialog between the Renaissance and Pop Art


Scanno, a small town for great photographers

Pepi Merisio’s folk stories. An interview

Il viaggio in Italia di Giovanni Gargiolli, fotografie

Photos by Giovanni Gargiolli: memories of an Italian journey

Photographing the essential. Interview with Piergiorgio Branzi

Giuseppe Cavalli, Natura Morta

Still lifes by Giuseppe Cavalli: photography as art

Roma, Mostra “Trevi, una capitale allo specchio”, allestita nel Museo di Roma in Trastevere

Rome looks in the mirror with “Trevi, una capitale allo specchio”

Perugia, Steve McCurry, Sensational Umbria

“Sensational Umbria”, Steve McCurry’s wonderful wandering

Tazio Secchiaroli and life between set and reality

Franco Fontana, Full Color, Puglia, 1987 - Apulia

“Full Color” in Rome. Interview with Franco Fontana

A dive into the future: interview with Nino Migliori

Dreaming Rome Cardinale Prosper Grech


Anton Giulio Bragaglia fotodinamismo futurista

Past and Futurism in Bragaglia’s photodynamics

Mario Giacomelli paesaggio agricolo

Mario Giacomelli: infinity and new beginnings

The agreement between Lucio Fontana and Ugo Mulas

Veneziani, the Rex, and photographic flowers

Franco Grignani and the photography of the mind

Interview with Gianni Berengo Gardin

Rome’s obelisks in antique photos II

Photos by Luigi Veronesi

Rome’s obelisks in antique photos

Paesaggio Italia

Saint Peter in the Vatican – Interview with Cardinal Prosper Grech

Venice through old photographies