The Castle of Agazzano and the ghost of Count Buso

Mitelli, the artist who dreamed of the alphabet


Castell’Arquato, conflicts and beauty

The mysteries of Catania’s Elephant statue


Cities and towns by Benvenuto Disertori

Baroque by Caravaggio at the Capodimonte Museum

Layers of memory and history at Rhinoceros and The Rooms of Rome

Canova and antiquity: Naples beams a light on the artist’s genius


The statues of the Apostles in Saint John in the Lateran


Theater and music at Villa Marlia


The Cefalù Cathedral, a happy cultural encounter

The Sola Busca Tarots: the oldest tarots in the world


Lustful legends at the Toblino Castle

Alberonero: the shape of color

Parco sculture Brufa (4)

Brufa, a small village and open-air museum

Santa Maria di Campagna and Pordenone’s masterpieces

Caffè Fernanda: vintage mood at the Pinacoteca di Brera


Bologna in Lucio Dalla’s house-museum

Pisa Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta – 2008–2014 ©

Markus Brunetti: the silence in churches


Casa Barezzi: where Verdi was discovered

The Colleoni Chapel, between Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Theatrum Mundi: Wunderkammer between past and present

Camera-della-Badessa-Camera-di-San-Paolo-ex-Monastero-San Paolo-Parma-04

The Room of the Abbess, a hidden gem in Correggio

Venice’s Museum of Punk – the biggest collection in the world

2019: a year to celebrate Leonardo’s world

Casa Carbone: the turn-of-the-century home where time has stopped

The Statue of the Nile God: a glimpse of Egypt at the heart of Naples


Palazzo Scaglia di Verrua and Dumas’s mademoiselle

History and legend at the Royal Palace of Capodimonte


The Civic Temple of Mary the Crowned in Lodi, tears and beauty