Castellaneta: Rodolfo Valentino’s birthplace, and much more

Castellaneta, Taranto, Parco naturale delle Gravine - Gravine natural park

Castellaneta is more than just Rodolfo Valentino’s birthplace.

It is a splendid town in the province of Taranto, within the Gravine Natural Park, near Le Murge.

Its most historical part, the “old city” – which is portrayed in our gallery – looks out to the canyon of the same name, Gravina di Castellaneta, which is one of Apulia’s most spectacular erosion incisions, reaching a maximum depth of almost 150 meters along its ten kilometers of length.

The medieval center is built around a number of aristocratic buildings and elegant churches.

The landscape around it is wonderfully varied, quickly switching from hills to the Ionian Sea and its fine-sand beaches, where a maritime suburb of Castellaneta rises immersed in the Mediterranean maquis.

All around, the countryside is dotted with historical farms, some of which date as far back as the 18th century, and merges into the green area of the Montecamplo Reserve, an open-air natural treasure.

Castellaneta is all this and much more. And of course, it is also the birthplace of Rodolfo Guglielmi (1895-1926), who rose to international fame as Rodolfo Valentino, star of American silent films. His birth and death coincide with the golden era of the genre of which he became an icon.

A museum in Castellaneta is dedicated to this story.

Photos via: ©Castellaneta FilmFest, ©Gianpiero Bacchetta, ©Ugo Ferrero, ©aprile_lucia, ©Max Pirovano, ©samiK31

November 28, 2016