Castel Thun and the voice of time

Castel Thun, Ton, Trentino

Castel Thun (or Thun Castle) is a monumental and austere medieval stronghold in Ton, Trentino, that looks over the Non Valley, surrounded by walls, moats, and bastions.

Built in the 13th century and renovated between the 1500s and 1600s, the castle was once home to the powerful Count von Thun and his family, who would propagate descendants in various regions of East-Central Europe (surviving members of the family currently reside in Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia).

Giovanni Prati (1814-1884), a noted Romantic poet born in Trentino, wrote evocative lyrics about the building after spending a few days in the Non Valley in 1845, composing a ballad titled “Armede”.

E mentre odo sui monti / Lo squillar delle cacce, e sotto gli occhi / Mi si move la selva, io pellegrino / Salgo alle torri d’un castello antico / E, quasi re, per le superbe sale / M’avvolgo e canto, e mi rispondon gli echi / Come voci del tempo (“And while I hear over the mountains / Birds’ blaring, and in front of my eyes / The forest moves, I wander / Climbing the towers of an ancient castle / And, almost a king, entering the superb halls / As I envelop myself and sing, for echoes to reply / Like voices of time”).

Enter this magnificent castle, and feel the thrill of those ancient echoes yourself.

Photos via: ©Sergio e Gabriella Trentanni, ©marco monguzzi, ©Michele Marchesoni, ©Emanuela Valentina Heidi ©Renzo Agostinis, ©Wikimedia Commons

June 22, 2015

Castel Thun and the voice of time

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