Capriolo 75 Sport: lightweight speed

The Aerocaproni Capriolo 75 was a crucial element in that interesting period of history when, right after the Second World War, the motorcycle industry went wild to invent new models that could satisfy both its own need to reconvert production after the war and the demands of a market that was ready to start over, but didn’t have much cash.

It was a time when 75cc motorbikes gained great popularity, yielding some outstanding models. One of these was the Capriolo 75, launched in 1951 by Aerocaproni, the motorcycle production arm of the famous aircraft manufacturer Caproni, based in Ala di Trento.

The stamped metal sheet frame and left-side gear-shifting pedal made the Capriolo 75 a unique motorbike in Italy (and might have been the contribution of German designers).

The model evolved over time, with a Sport version – which is the subject of our gallery – created in 1952, and a race motorbike in 1954, which would win the Motogiro d’Italia in 1955.

December 17, 2013