“Cantiere 1/Terrazzo”: a work in progress for two artists

“Cantiere 1/Terrazzo”, Roberto Coda Zabetta, Napoli

“Cantiere 1/Terrazzo” is a colorful, whirling, “unfinished” painting, started by Biella artist Roberto Coda Zabetta and now entrusted to nature, who will finish it with its own “artistic” tools of sun, wind and rain.

The 1,500-square-meter canvas – laid down on the long terrace of the Santissima Trinità delle Monache church, in the Spanish Quarter of Naples – was presented on September 22nd, 2017 after Coda Zabetta worked on it for one month.

The piece can be seen from the steps of the Pedamentina, a magnificent panoramic staircase originally built in the 14th century; it will be on display and subject to the elements for one year, changing shape and colors in unforeseeable ways.

A wonderful chance to watch the artist at work.

Photos via: napoli.repubblica.it

November 6, 2017

“Cantiere 1/Terrazzo”: a work in progress for two artists

Santissima Trinità delle Monache (ex Ospedale Militare), Vico Trinità delle Monache, 8