Bologna in Lucio Dalla’s house-museum


Lucio Dalla’s house-museum, on Via D’Azeglio in Bologna, was re-opened to the public in November 2018 and can now be visited every Friday, thanks to the “Ci vediamo da Lucio!” (“See you at Lucio’s”) initiative. It is one of the fruits of a collaboration between the Lucio Dalla Foundation and the Municipality of Bologna.

Dalla passed away in 2012 but is remembered as one of the most important singer-songwriters in Italian music history. A multi-instrumentalist, he tackled a variety of genres, from jazz – his passion since adolescence – to beat music, from folk to opera.

He was successful outside in Italy and abroad, selling 8 million copies of “Dallamericaruso” in the world; the 1986 album included “Caruso”, which was reinterpreted even by Pavarotti and recorded in some thirty cover versions.

This is how Ron, Dalla’s longtime friend and fellow singer-songwriter, remembered Bologna and this special home:

“Everyone wanted to live in Bologna. It was an unstoppable hotbed. Every evening, every winery had a band playing. I came from the cold, lower Po Valley, and saw Bologna as a playground, mostly because for me, Bologna was Lucio. He took me to discover the hills around the city by motorbike, the taverns, the alleys. And every time Lucio revealed a piece of Bologna, in fact he was revealing a small piece of himself. Because Lucio was Bologna. And Bologna was Lucio.”

“But that Bologna, the one I remember, was gone way before Lucio. In the last few years, even Lucio had taken his Bologna into his home, the things he cared about, the relics and mementos of a city that he didn’t recognize anymore, although he could not help but live there, among its alleys and people.”

He had built his own Bologna at home, and retreated in there. The outcome is a home that is Lucio’s essence, the mirror of his Bolognese soul, a house-museum that represents Lucio Dalla as a public figure, and Bologna itself” (translated from Ron, “Chissà se lo sai”, Piemme, Milan 2014).

We hope to see you at Lucio’s!

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January 29, 2019

Bologna in Lucio Dalla’s house-museum

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