Bernardo Licinio’s lost and found again portrait

Bernardino Licinio,

"Portrait of a Lady", 1522, oil on panel, Szépmuvészeti Múzeum, Budapest

Silence enveloped the life of Bernardino Licinio for centuries due to a mistake by Giorgio Vasari, who in his “Lives” ignored the Venetian painter – originally from Bergamo (ca. 1485-1560) – simply because he mixed him up with another artist, Giovanni Antonio de Sacchis, known as “Il Pordenone”.

Licinio’s biographical story started to emerge more clearly only in the early 1900s, and his works – influenced by Bellini’s teachings as well as by the innovations introduced by masters like Titian, Giorgione and Palma the Elder – were finally correctly attributed to him.

An eclectic master was discovered, soon to be considered one of the most important painters of his time. Here is a selection of his women’s portraits.

September 8, 2015