Azzurro Scipioni: cinema, dreams, and Kyrgyzstan

On some winter mornings, the Azzurro Scipioni – a cinema in Rome’s Prati district – is enveloped by winds blowing from Middle Asia.

Silvano Agosti, a director born in Brescia who created the most famous experimental cinema in Rome, is also the author of a book on Kyrgyzstan, “Lettere dalla Kirghisia”.

Agosti traveled to the country during one of his many trips around the world, and discovered there “the miracle of a rising society”, in which nobody works for more than three hours a day, and people spend most of their time on “sleep, food, creativity, love, life, themselves, their children, and their fellow human beings…”

He opened the Azzurro Scipioni in the early 1980s, after a dream in which Charlie Chaplin complained to him about a cinema shutting down near his home. It was his way of standing for art and auteur films against the mass-market film industry.

In a time of 24/7 businesses, Azzurro Scipioni is open only three days a week… in keeping with the Kyrgyz culture.

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September 16, 2014

Azzurro Scipioni: cinema, dreams, and Kyrgyzstan

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