At the seaside with Marcello Dudovich

Marcello Dudovich, poster, cartoline e disegni dedicati al mare

"On the Beach", 1920, Mart (Museo di Arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto)

In over fifty years of activity, Trieste-born painter Marcello Dudovich (1868-1972) – one of the most important illustrators in Italy and the world – created at least 600 advertisement posters. Many of them were dedicated to the seaside and to people enjoying the beach in the summer.

In 1991, an exhibition in Milan focused entirely on his “marine-inspired” posters, paintings and sketches: “Il mare di Dudovich. Vacanze e piaceri balneari nei segni del più grande cartellonista italiano, 1900-1950” (“The sea by Dudovich. Holidays and bathing fun, in the signs by Italy’s greatest poster-illustrator, 1900-1950”).

On top of paintings and posters, Dudovich also illustrated postcards and magazine covers on the same theme.

Let’s dive in!

September 16, 2016