Arturo Ghergo, photographer to the stars


Isa Miranda

Arturo Ghergo (1901-1959) pioneered so-called “glamour photography” in Italy, importing the style that had originated in Hollywood and had been a huge success in American tabloids since the 1920s, quickly spreading elegant portraits of pinups and celebrities around the world.

The primary goal of “glamour photography” – which developed at the same time as “fashion photography” in the field of fashion – was to communicate the charm and sex appeal of great cinema stars.

In the 1930s, the Marche photographer opened a studio at the heart of Rome, on Via Condotti near Piazza di Spagna, and was the first in Italy to experiment with the “glamour” technique that required sophisticated and innovative steps to prepare the space first and to process images after.

Along his career, Ghergo collected a huge collection of portraits of famous people – including not only movie stars but also politicians.

Here is a collection of the famous Italian women of the 20th century he photographed.

Photos via: ©Arturo Ghergo

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February 14, 2018