Artist colors for the Barolo Chapel

Cappella del Barolo, Sol LeWitt e David Tremlett, La Morra

The Brunate vineyard in La Morra, in Cuneo’s Langhe, is home to a colorful chapel purchased in 1970 by the Ceretto family – whom we’ve already mentioned in a past article – with the six hectares of fruitful land around it.

The small church, now deconsecrated, was dedicated to Our Lady of Graces but is now known as Barolo Chapel. It was in ruins, worn down by time and abandonment. Built as a refuge for farmers during bad weather, it had become a victim of bad weather itself.

In the late 1990s, Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett decided to bring it back to life. LeWitt had a vision for the exterior, while Tremlett took care of decorating the interior. Now the extraordinary outcome of the two contemporary artists’ work is a joy for the eyes in a region of delicious flavors.

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October 25, 2017

Artist colors for the Barolo Chapel

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