Apulia’s Ruvo Cathedral: where beauty never ages

Concattedrale di Ruvo di Puglia, provincia di Bari

The Cathedral in Ruvo di Puglia – in the province of Bari – is the result of complicated construction events tied to the just-as-complicated history of the town, which was destroyed over and over, in the 5th, 11th, 14th, and 16th century.

The current Cathedral is dedicated to the Santa Maria Assunta; built in Apulian-Romanesque-Gothic style, it likely dates back to the second half of the 1200s, and although its structure was deeply altered at least three times, it retains all of its original beauty.

Take its willowy, imposing façade, finely decorated with arches, a wonderful rose window, and a niche with the mysterious statue of a sitting man (an apocalyptic figure, or perhaps Frederick II?); take the clear beauty of its lavish central door, so sumptuously decorated with small columns, griffins, lions, telamons; or the majestic bell tower built in the year 1000…

The interiors confirm the splendor of this ancient church, with a number of works of art as well as a hypogeum – hidden for millennia and discovered only in the first half of the 1900s – where traces of human life from as early as the 4th century BC have been found.

Luckily, beauty here seems to never age.

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September 29, 2016

Apulia’s Ruvo Cathedral: where beauty never ages

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