“Algol”, an absolute prototype

“Algol”, televisore di Zanuso-Sapper

Here is the Algol television set, designed by the famous Zanuso-Sapper duo.

Now part of the Architecture and Design collection of New York’s MoMA, it was warmly praised by Piedmontese designer Enzo Mari:

“Designer and architect Marco Zanuso, with Richard Sapper who joined the studio in 1957, fine-tuned two television sets that I consider without a doubt the prototypes of any following model. In 1964, ten years after TV broadcasting started in Italy, he put his name on the Algol for Brionvega.” (His other masterpiece was the Black.)

“In a time when all devices were hidden within kitsch wooden units so they could fit in with the old-style furniture they were meant to live with, Zanuso designed his television like an industrial tool, a machine, putting all of its inner workings on display. The inclined and rounded screen was determined by the main component, which had been concealed until then: the cathode ray tube” (translated from E. Mari, “25 modi per piantare un chiodo”, Mondadori, Milan 2011).

February 1, 2017