A little misunderstanding at the Vaccarecce Lighthouse


Isola del Giglio is home to a beautiful lighthouse, subject of a romantic misunderstanding.

The Vaccarecce Lighthouse is located in the northern side of the Tuscan Archipelago island. It is an octagonal brick building from the mid-19th century, which was soon abandoned when other two lighthouses were built. The site has recently been purchased and renovated by a fashion designer from Arezzo.

The misunderstanding stems from Federico Moccia’s novel, “Scusa ma ti voglio sposare” (Rizzoli, 2011), in which the two leading characters – in love and on the so-called “Lovers’ Island” – secretly meet at the lighthouse to exchange “a long, soft, salty kiss – with the sweet flavor of love”, and enjoy “their warm bodies getting closer and joining in the cool water. Alone. Alone in the middle of the sea. And another kiss, and another one, and another one still…” Their passion somewhat transforms the island’s features, and has made the lighthouse famous with the book’s fans – who have started calling it “Lovers’ Lighthouse”.

The truth is, the Vaccarecce lighthouse is not open to lovers, or to anyone else for that matter. Its solitary beauty, however, is unscathed by this small, practical detail.

Photos via: ©GiglioSempreUnFiore, ©Alberto Bizzini, ©Beatrice Colombo, ©Gabriele Lo Surdo

May 10, 2018

A little misunderstanding at the Vaccarecce Lighthouse

Isola del Giglio (Grosseto)
Via Provinciale Castello