Palazzo della Ragione is like a gigantic silver tortoise emerging from Padua’s skyline. The silhouette of the roof, covered in lead plates, resembles a large upside-down ship. The roof itself is from the beginning of the 1300s, but the building’s history started a century earlier, right where the market was… more >

Lago di Pilato, Montemonaco, Monte Vettore, Marche

Lake Pilate: charm and dilemmas

Sometimes, the “magic number” is two. Lake Pilate has two separate basins, only vaguely joined in a so-called “telescope” shape in periods of abundant rainfall. It is named after Pontius Pilate, who Dante places in Hell among the Uncommitted, who are punished for not deciding on which side of a… more >

Villa Palagonia Bagheria (Palermo) Sicilia

Villa Palagonia in Bagheria, folly and esotericism

Was madness or alchemy at the origin of Villa Palagonia, in Bagheria? Whatever the case, the Sicilian building is so extraordinary that Goethe invented the neologism “Pallagonic” to address a new aesthetic category, encompassing all deform, crazy, chaotic, and madly disharmonious works. Yet the person who had this bizarre structure… more >



In Subiaco, the Abbey of Saint Scholastica now rises where Nero’s villa used to be. The ruins of the ‘buen retiro’ created by the emperor who went down in history as the destroyer of Rome welcomed, in the beginning of the VI century, the man who is considered the founder… more >

Cappelleria Bacca Rovereto Depero

Cappelleria Bacca and crazy Futurist headgear

About twenty years before Filippo Tommaso Marinetti published his “Futurist Manifesto of the Italian Hat” in 1933, the young Fortunato Depero created the two Caryatids that to this day decorate the entrance of Cappelleria Bacca, which had opened in Rovereto in 1823. The artist – who joined the Futurist movement in his… more >

Certaldo Palazzo Pretorio

Certaldo’s Palazzo Pretorio and Giambadia’s regrets

The most famous and illustrious person from Certaldo, the great Giovanni Boccaccio, used in his “Decameron” (day 3, novella 5) an expression that has become a widespread proverb: “È [...] meglio fare e pentere, che starsi e pentersi”, that is “better to do and regret than to regret not having done”. We assume not all of his… more >



The Levaggi brothers are craftsmen that work hard for our comfort, making chairs that are both comfortable for the body and easy on the eyes. Blaise Pascal would deduct they are working for our happiness, as he is noted for stating “You’ll find the real happiness in the rest, not… more >


De Chirico and three-dimensional Archaeologists


De Chirico, Archaeologists, and dreams of the ancient past


The Bianchina’s good fortune


The freedom of Sottsass’s Totems


Citrus fruit and brass stencils: Sicily in the world


“Roman Holiday” and the Vespa “Farobasso”

Enzo Mari, "L'altalena", “See-Saw”, “Belançoire”, “Die Wippe”

Enzo Mari’s “See-Saw”: rainbows and labyrinth skies

Enzo Mari "16 animali" puzzle della Danese 1957

Enzo Mari’s “puzzling” animals

Sorrento etichette da valigia

Sorrento and Torquato Tasso’s bright sun


Canova, Hercules’s frenzy and Lichas’s terror


Sergio Tofano and “I cavoli a merenda”

Maserati 300S 1955

The Maserati 300S and Mark Knopfler’s Fender


Luca Forte, from Caravaggio to Spain


Ico Parisi: reality and imagination

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