Palio del Golfo di La Spezia

Palio del Golfo in La Spezia: let the race begin

The thirteen historic villages facing the so-called Gulf of Poets – from Tellaro to Porto Venere – face off at sea every year: the Palio del Golfo, an annual boat race taking place in front of the beautiful La Spezia, Liguria, will return for its 2014 edition on August 3rd.… more >

Civita di Bagnoregio Corte della Maestà

Corte della Maestà and Virginia Woolf’s happiness

Corte della Maestà, a residence at the heart of Civita di Bagnoregio, has a room called “The Writer” dedicated to Virginia Woolf. After entering a room full of books, in 1933 the great English writer noted in one of her journals, “I think I could happily live here and read forever”: she loved books… more >

Villa Conti Villino Sironi Civitavova Marche

Villa Conti in Civitanova Marche, and Aida’s crypt

Count Pier Alberto Conti was madly in love with his wife, soprano Francisca Solari. The two of them are buried in the crypt of the neo-Gothic church deep in the park of Villa Conti, in Civitanova Marche. The couple rests together for eternity, like Aida and Radamès in Verdi’s masterpiece… more >


The Missione Chapel, God’s mercy for our sins

The walls of the Missione Chapel (“Cappella di Missione”), in Villafranca Piemonte, still show the traces of an ancient Christian catechism telling the story of human frailty, and of God’s mercy for man. On the left wall, one late Gothic fresco – in the cycle mostly painted by Aimone Duce… more >

Compagnia Marionettistica Colla e Figli Milano

Compagnia Marionettistica Colla and Napoleon’s boots

When Charles Dickens watched a marionette show, “The Death of Napoleon”, in Milan in the early 1840s, he was greatly impressed by the emperor’s boots, which were “wonderfully beyond control, and did such marvelous things of their own accord, doubling themselves up, and getting under tables, and dangling in the… more >


The international grandeur of Bari’s Teatro Petruzzelli

by Rino Alessi The Teatro Petruzzelli is a symbol of both Italian musical excellence and architectural beauty and harmony; currently owned by the Messeni Nemagna family, it is the main theater in Bari, the fourth largest in Italy, and the largest private theater in Europe. The capital city of Apulia is… more >

Poecylia Resort Isola di San Pietro Carloforte Sardegna

Poecylia Resort, pixel-proof beauty

If you live in a constant rush, forget about stopping at the Poecylia Resort. Don’t even bother coming to San Pietro Island, Sardinia, if you cannot live without your cell phone and laptop. In this slice of paradise, just a few kilometers from Genoa’s old colony Carloforte – an enclave… more >

Agostino Bonalumi

Agostino Bonalumi’s 3D canvases

Tomba Varni Cimitero di Staglieno Genova

Elizabeth, Giuditta, and the loyal Cocker Spaniel

Mauro Lampo, Alessandra Piller Cottrer, “La Terra dei Giauli”

Giauli: reality and imagination carved out of wood

Giovanni Pintori, Lettera 22 Olivetti

Giovanni Pintori and Lettera 22: old copy, modern look

Antonello da Messina Galleria Borghese, Roma, 1475

The transparent mystery in Antonello da Messina’s portraits

Giò Pomodoro gioielli

Jewelry by Giò Pomodoro, beauty to quell pain

Ferrari 166 MM spider Oblin

Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta: Oblin’s version

Marcello Dudovich cartolina lotta alla tubercolosi

Dudovich’s fight against tuberculosis

Franco Albini Margherita Armchair

Margherita chair by Albini: dream and rest

"L'altalena dei Pulcinella" (1783), Ca' Rezzonico

Giandomenico Tiepolo, Pulcinella, and the powers that be

Duilio Cambellotti, 1907, Targa Florio poster

Targa Florio, history and memory


Giuseppe Maria Mitelli, art and odd noses

Riva Ariston "Swift II" motoscafo

The Riva Ariston “Swift II” and elegance


Perforated paper for lemon boxes – from Sicily to the world

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