Abbazia di San Vincenzo al Volturno, Rocchetta a Volturno, Isernia, Italia - abbey italy

San Vincenzo al Volturno, between earth and sky

In 782, the Lombard Benedictine abbot of the monastery in San Vincenzo al Volturno, Poto, refused to sing the praises of Charlemagne, king of the Franks, and theatrically left the choir and his brothers. His irreverent gesture would be forgiven only after he solemnly swore loyalty to the sovereign, who… more >

Kurhaus di Merano

The great challenge at the Kurhaus of Meran

In 1981, the grand Kursaal Hall inside the Kurhaus of Meran was where two Russian men fought a quiet duel, each one apparently lost in his own thoughts. The great Art Nouveau hall had been designed about seventy years earlier by the Ukraine architect Friedrich Ohmann, when he had been… more >


A bite of Turin: flavor and tradition

“Milano da bere” (literally, “Milan you can drink”) was a popular slogan in the 1980s, invented by a famous advertisement agency for Amaro Ramazzotti; the liqueur bitter’s campaign was so successful that the expression has been quoted, paraphrased, and mocked in infinite variations since it first appeared. Decades ago, Milan… more >

Birrificio artigianale Torino, Torino

The long history and deep traditions of Birrificio Torino

Mauro Mascarello – co-owner and head of production at Birrificio Torino – tells us that the Piedmontese capital “had a number of ‘birrarie’, as they were called in the day, that produced their own brews”. Birrificio Torino, a stone’s throw from the central Piazza Castello, gives continuity to that long… more >

Torino, Galleria L'Estampe

Turin’s Galleria L’Estampe: art for the future

Amongst other things, the Galleria L’Estampe in Turin provides art conservation services – something the Siena-born art historian Cesare Brandi once described as “the methodological moment in which a work of art is recognized as such… in view of the need to pass it on to future generations”. Recognizing art… more >

Chiesa Miniera di Sale, Realmonte, Scavuzzo, Agrigento - Church of the Realmonte Salt Mine

The Church of the Realmonte Mine: salt of the earth

Altar, pulpit, stoups, bas reliefs, statues: nearly everything inside the Church of the Realmonte Salt Mine, in ‘contrada’ Scavuzzo, is carved out of rock salt and stone. A mass in memory of Saint Barbara is held on December 4th every year in this white, underground church. Most of the eight… more >

Acquario Romano, Casa dell'Architettura, Roma Esquilino

The Roman Aquarium, a champion of flexibility

Some buildings constantly change jobs, like temps with no permanent contract, destined to a life of change and uncertainty. The Roman Aquarium, for example, has proven itself a champion of professional flexibility. Despite its name, it was an aquarium for only a very short period of time, from 1887 to… more >

Moto Morini 250 GP

The Moto Morini 250 GP and Giacomo Agostini: destined to win


Tato’s dynamic aerial paintings

bicicletta da pista Falerio Masi per Antonio Maspes - racing bicycle

The Masi Special: speed and elegance for Antonio Maspes

Enrico Sacchetti, Robes et Femmes, illustrazione

Enrico Sacchetti’s fashionable ladies

Dall’Oglio 125 Corsa, motocicletta, motorbike

The Dall’Oglio 125 Corsa, back in the fast lane

Leonardo Da Vinci, Macchine volanti

Flying high with Leonardo


Emanuele Luzzati: Genoa’s never-ending surprises


Paolo De Poli and Gio Ponti’s animal kingdom

Franco Fontana, Full Color, Puglia, 1987 - Apulia

“Full Color” in Rome. Interview with Franco Fontana

Maserati A6 1500 Turismo, 1950

The Maserati A6 1500 shifts into gear

Chitarra Wandré BB Framez di Antonio Pioli e Fratelli Meazzi - guitar

The Wandré’s BB Framez, a guitar with soul


Sebastian and the emperor

Giovanni Boldini, "Cléo de Mérode", 1901

Giovanni Boldini and his Belle Époque catwalk


Angelo Lelli and Arredoluce table lamps

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michelotti-1a Fontana Pretoria Palermo IW-Tullio-Crali-bozzetto-abito-01 Chiostro delle Clarisse, maiolicato, monastero Santa Chiara Napoli