Rome’s talking statues: the original Facebook and Twitter (second part)

by Alberto Manodori Sagredo There are six talking statues in Rome. After introducing you to Pasquino and Marforio, we are now ready to tell you about the other four: Madama Lucrezia, Abate Luigi, Er Babuino, and Er Facchino de la Via Lata. Madama Lucrezia Among the many male talking statues –… more >

La Sacra di San Michele, in Val di Susa, in Piemonte

The Sacra di San Michele, divine altitude

The Sacra di San Michele, in Piedmont’s Val di Susa, was defined by the poet Clemente Rebora “summit steeped in holiness”. An overwhelming impact for those who find themselves in front of the forty-one-meter-tall façade of the XII century abbey: the imposing walls mix straight lines and curves, gray nuances… more >

Cinema Azzurro Scipioni Roma

Azzurro Scipioni: cinema, dreams, and Kyrgyzstan

On some winter mornings, the Azzurro Scipioni – a cinema in Rome’s Prati district – is enveloped by winds blowing from Middle Asia. Silvano Agosti, a director born in Brescia who created the most famous experimental cinema in Rome, is also the author of a book on Kyrgyzstan, “Lettere dalla… more >

Altilia-Saepinum, zona archeologica, Campobasso

Altilia-Saepinum: Augustan beauty

Roman historian Suetonius, in his “The Twelve Caesars”, explains that Augustus “could boast that he inherited it brick and left it marble” – “it” being Rome, of course. During his reign (from 27 BC to 14 AD), the emperor undertook a vast renovation of the capital, and made substantial efforts to make a… more >


Steinbeck at Positano’s Sirenuse

When John Steinbeck first saw Positano, he felt like he was living in “a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone”. The American writer visited the beautiful city on the Amalfi Coast in 1953, barely two years after Marquis Paolo Sersale had transformed… more >

Atelier Alma Charta André Beuchat

Alma Charta: art, virtue, and perfect balance

In the Alma Charta atelier, the famous Latin proverb “In medio stat virtus” (“virtue stands in the middle”) is not just a moral teaching, prompting one to find the right balance between two extremes, but a very real geographical cue. According to Swiss etcher André Beuchat – who opened Alma Charta… more >

Cave di marmo, Carrara, Alpi Apuane

Carrara’s marble quarries: setting beauty free

Michelangelo could see quiet figures entrapped in the majestic, white terraces of Carrara’s marble quarries, in the Apuan Alps, and knew exactly how to set them free. “Not even the best of artists has any conception”, he wrote in a famous poem (Sonnet 151), “that a single marble block does… more >

Cassetta di impostazione a due buche per le grandi città, particolare

The Republic’s got mail


Aldo Rossi’s brevitas in “La Conica” and “Il Conico”

Linea ferroviaria Stresa-Mottarone

The Stresa-Mottarone Railway: a streetcar to beauty

Pietro Tenerani, "Psiche svenuta", 1869, Galleria nazionale d'Arte moderna, Roma

Psyche: Pietro Tenerani’s sleeping beauty


The Benelli 248 Grand Prix, an ongoing story

Giorgio Morandi, Paesaggio, 1943, Olio su tela

Giorgio Morandi, the landscape painter with a telescope


A tractor, a song, and a villa: this is jazz

Tomaso Buzzi alla Venini, Mostra alle Stanze del Vetro, Venezia

Tomaso Buzzi and Venini at Venice’s Stanze del Vetro


The 35th Rossini Opera Festival

Carta di incarto degli agrumi di Sicilia, scacchetti, fazzoletti

“Scacchetti”: beauty wrapped around Sicily’s citrus fruit

Fiat-Siata 1.500 Coupé Speciale 1953

Fiat-Siata 1500 Coupé Speciale, from the Mille Miglia to a journey around the world


Bruno Angoletta, a great artist for comic book covers

Pietro Santi Bartoli incisioni Colonna Traiana

Pietro Santi Bartoli, the artist who climbed the stories told in antiquity

Garelli 50 Record 1963

Garelli 50 Record: back on the racetrack

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